ENGINEERING Foundations, Values, and Vision

Our company values are the foundation of everything we do. These guiding principles, along with our vision for the future, drive every member of our team. DesignTek’s core values begin with integrity, quality, safety, collaboration and commitment. Our staff is dedicated to providing comprehensive and efficient engineering and construction solutions. Our Vision for the Future Is Working for You Our vision for the future pushes us to develop innovative techniques and approaches to design, engineering and construction. We view ourselves as solution providers. We strive to create long-term partnerships with our clients. We earn your trust the old-fashioned way every day, through consistenc ...

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  • Cleanroom


    Your business, your reputation and the quality of your products depend upon your cleanroom. Maintaining an environmentally control ... Read more

  • Mechanical Engineering

    Mechanical Engineering

    DesignTek Consulting Group is proudly on the forefront of mechanical engineering today. With decades ... Read more

  • Electrical Engineering

    Electrical Engineering

    DesignTek Consulting Group’s electrical engineering team provides a full spectrum of design, engineering and project management ... Read more

  • Industrial Engineering

    Industrial Engineering

    Today, responsive industrial design requires far more than an application of standards and best practices. Designing industrial an ... Read more

  • Design-Build


    The design-build approach is a highly effective method of turnkey project delivery that improves greatly upon the traditional cons ... Read more


03 / 20

Function- versus Object-Oriented Cleanroom Design ​

When we discuss cleanroom design philosophies, the terms and overarching approaches we use sometimes sound like a foreign language. Today, technology and advanced theories dictate how engineers must approach industrial design. The simpler days of eng... Read more

03 / 17

The Future of Environmental Regulations in Industrial Design​

In the industrial design and construction industry, environmental regulations exert significant influence over engineering practices, materials specification and waste-control systems. Industrial and cleanroom clients must consider federal, state and... Read more

03 / 10

Construction Management: Understanding Agency vs. At-Risk

Construction management, in a general sense, describes a form of professional guidance that helps ensure the success of a building project. As a formal discipline, the term refers to specific management techniques applied throughout the project lifec... Read more



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