Function- versus Object-Oriented Cleanroom Design ​

When we discuss cleanroom design philosophies, the terms and overarching approaches we use sometimes sound like a foreign language. Today, technology and advanced theories dictate how engineers must approach industrial design. The simpler days of engineering, when specialists drew their piece of the puzzle and handed it over for incorporation in the overall project design, are long gone.   We must approach cleanroom design using a whole-building concept and an overarching appro

The Future of Environmental Regulations in Industrial Design​

In the industrial design and construction industry, environmental regulations exert significant influence over engineering practices, materials specification and waste-control systems. Industrial and cleanroom clients must consider federal, state and municipal guidelines when planning construction projects as well as operations and expansion. These regulations provide key protections for the environment, but they also create challenges for productivity and profitability. The future of

Construction Management: Understanding Agency vs. At-Risk

Construction management, in a general sense, describes a form of professional guidance that helps ensure the success of a building project. As a formal discipline, the term refers to specific management techniques applied throughout the project lifecycle to effectively control costs, schedule and quality. In a third iteration, construction management (CM) also refers to a set of legal principles that are incorporated into the contractual relationship between a project’s ownership entity and

Industrial Design for R&D Facilities

One of the mandates of effective industrial design is improving outcomes for clients. For industrial clients seeking to design and build research and development (R&D) facilities, this obligation is even more pressing. In the R&D environment, productivity is the outcome on which clients place the greatest emphasis. New research demonstrates that facility design can greatly improve productivity as well as other key metrics. The Importance of the R&D Process Successful indus

Powering Cleanrooms with Co-Generation

The complex requirements of cleanrooms create a host of challenges for mechanical, plumbing and electrical engineers. One of the most pressing issues today concerns the consumption of power by complicated mechanical systems. Traditional energy sources are expensive, unreliable and toxic to the environment. To address this growing problem, industrial and cleanroom engineers are returning to the once-common practice of co-generation. Cleanroom Power Pressures Continue to Mount Across all sec