Upgrade Pharmaceutical Facilities and Slash Operating Costs

Even though the outlay for upgrading pharmaceutical facilities can be significant, the cost savings resulting from more efficient processes is striking. In the United States, the pharmaceutical industry consumes nearly $1 billion in energy every year, according to the Berkeley National Laboratory, and that figure is on the rise. In addition to cutting energy costs, upgrading helps reduce other operating costs significantly as well. Your facility may have been designed and built with th

Understanding the LEED Certification Process

LEED certification is a designation given to buildings that meet exacting standards of energy conservation and sustainability in construction, maintenance, operation or all three. The qualifications required to receive this designation are exacting but worthwhile, because the LEED designation provides a variety of demonstrated advantages for the facility owner and the occupants. If you plan to build a new facility or upgrade an existing building, consider adopting the green energy standards t

The Challenges of a USP 797 Pharmaceutical Cleanroom

A pharmaceutical cleanroom must meet established federal standards to ensure that its design and construction result in a properly sterile environment. Although the reasons for these rigorous standards are complex, the ultimate goal is the protection of public health and safety. The regulation that dictates cleanroom standards, issued by the United States Pharmacopeia, is known as USP 797, although relevant guidelines are in USP 800 also. Compliance with the USP standards is mandatory for

DesignTek Launches Engineering Blog

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