Cleanroom Controls & Instrumentation

Cleanroom controls, instrumentation and automation systems ensure that your facility remains within the stringent range of requirements for temperature, humidity, pressure, ventilation, airflow and air quality.

Without effective monitoring, automation and controls, your cleanroom faces several critical risks, the greatest of which are human safety and loss of compliance or products. Controls also extend the life of your systems and equipment, increase productivity and eliminate unanticipated downtime.

In fact, cleanroom automation controls can make or break your bottom line.

DesignTek Consulting leverages the most innovative technology available today. Our knowledge and application of the most recent advances in cleanroom controls, instruments and automation provide maximum control for particle count, airflow, air velocity, humidity, temperature and cleanliness.

We engineer and design every cleanroom’s controls and instrumentation based on the specific needs of the client, and offer innovative solutions that establish us as a valued partner in your cleanroom project.