Cleanroom Process Exhaust

Cleanrooms require carefully engineered airflow and utilities systems, but reliable process exhaust systems ensure containment and reduce the risk of cross contamination, and ensure cleanroom operators are working in a safe environment.

Like every aspect of cleanroom design and engineering, exhaust is not a one-size-fits-all model. The DesignTek Consulting team considers pressurization levels, exhaust system abatement (scrubbed exhaust, thermal oxidizer, carbon filtration, ammonia exhaust system, solvent exhaust), compliance standards and process flow to ensure an efficient exhaust system design.

Naturally, the nature of your processes will determine the specific volume of exhaust requirements. However, our experienced engineers will consider all aspects of safety, process hygiene and organizational goals in designing your system.

Whenever possible, we will recommend potential design strategies to reduce exhaust and makeup air volume, to lower energy consumption and the associated costs.

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