Cleanroom Programming

Programming a cleanroom facility is an exceptionally complex process that, if not effectively executed, can affect your costs and your production ability for the long term.

Decisions made during the programming phase affect every system in your facility, as well as lifecycle and energy costs. DesignTek Consulting Group has the knowledge and experience to coordinate this critical process with a focus on reducing capital investment as well as ongoing costs, without compromising capacity.

The important factors in the early stages of programming are understanding and selecting the correct mechanical and electrical distribution, along with the utilities needed to run the process.

The most significant sources of energy used in the typical cleanroom are the air circulation fans and cooling loads required. Programming also must balance chillers, air compressors, lighting, tools and specialty applications. Decisions made during this critical phase may become irreversible, as your cleanroom’s construction is guided by its programming.

We at DesignTek Consulting Group successfully balance the specifications involved in the programming phase to ensure efficient design strategies that will benefit our clients now and throughout their facility’s lifecycle.

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