Reverse Osmosis/Deionized Water Systems

In today’s industrial and specialty fields, reverse osmosis and de-ionized water systems are in high demand. The manufacturing and fabrication process for cleanrooms requires water that is free from contaminants to ensure that highest quality standards are met.

The DesignTek Consulting Group understands the importance of reliable and efficient RO and DI water systems, and we bring our extensive experience and expertise to bear on your project, large or small.

Reverse osmosis systems, or ROs, require precise performance and design calculations to ensure that exacting standards are met or exceeded. We must first consider the purpose of your RO or DI system, then evaluate available water sources. Only then can we determine the appropriate components, controls and procedures required to deliver the correct degree of purification.

If your needs involve ultra-sensitive components for high-end semiconductor manufacturing or pharmaceutical cleanroom environments, an even higher level of validation and consistency is required.

Whatever your needs, our advanced technical specialists will engineer the ideal system for your facility and your operational requirements.

Contact DesignTek Consulting Group today to learn more about our approach to design and engineering of reverse osmosis and deionized water systems.