Scrubbed Exhaust System

The design and engineering of your facility’s scrubbed exhaust system is the central determinant of air quality as well as efficiency.

Air quality is important, especially in the high-tech manufacturing or cleanroom environment.

At DesignTek Consulting, we use cutting-edge technology when designing pollution control and scrubbed exhaust systems to provide you with the advanced solutions that assure your facility’s air quality. We design systems for the removal of dust, mist and toxic fumes, using intelligent technology and superior filtration design concepts.

Our team of professional engineering consultants will create industrial exhaust system designs tailored to meet your company’s individual needs and unique applications, as well as your facility’s physical constraints.

We incorporate a range of state-of-the-art air cleaning systems, equipment and products, all designed to the specifications and needs of our industrial clients. Whether you require dust capture, fume removal or a specialized or hybrid design, we have the experience and expertise to exceed your expectations.

Our areas of focus include cleanroom (semiconductor, pharmaceuticals), industrial, manufacturing, research and development labratories, and all types of commercial applications. Contact DesignTek Consulting Group today for more information about our engineering and design services for scrubbed exhaust systems.