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Addressing Our Clients’ Most Pressing Challenges

Every client faces a unique set of challenges, ranging from the simplest questions to the most complex obstacles. DesignTek Consulting Group has established a solid reputation for our ability to solve even the most pressing challenges. We accomplish this goal, time and again, by doing whatever it takes to define and quantify our clients’ needs and objectives, and then provide real-world solutions.

We leverage a unique combination of cutting-edge technology and personal expertise in the course of our services. But the most significant differentiating factors are the passion and commitment we bring to the table. We know that our clients deserve nothing short of excellence, and that’s what we provide on every project we deliver.

Providing Real-World Solutions

HoribaWhatever the challenges that you and your project might face, we are uniquely talented at devising and delivering practical, workable and affordable solutions.

We are one of the nation's foremost cleanroom design consultants and cleanroom installers, but that’s only a part of our multifaceted capabilities. We offer industrial engineering consulting as well as full-service mechanical and electrical engineering. The DesignTek team also has an extensive background in all types of industrial construction and industrial ventilation systems.

Our expertise also extends to air and power distribution, controls and instrumentation, process exhaust, process utilities, high-purity water distribution, and wastewater processing systems. We offer comprehensive assessment and evaluation, space planning and programming, and we can provide a full range of LEED design and construction services.

To provide maximum service and value, we also partner with clients using the design/build approach to project delivery.

How We Can Assist You

HoribaWe design with functionality foremost in our minds. We engineer the best possible environment for your needs, both now and into the future. But, whether we are dealing with a new cleanroom design, cleanroom construction, a mechanical engineering challenge, or some other type of project, we never lose sight of the importance of value. Even the most functional environments will not serve the purpose of our clients if we don’t help them achieve their financial and time constraint goals.

Unlike many other cleanroom design firms, we take a unique and highly customized approach to our projects. Drawing from our team of design and engineering experts and many years of constructing cleanrooms throughout the United States, we pool the full extent of our knowledge and expertise and set those resources to work for you. This allows us to conceptualize innovative and workable solutions and then translate those concepts into reality.

Whether you need an experienced cleanroom contractor, cleanroom installer, cleanroom engineer or an MPE engineering expert, call on us now to discuss your needs or to request an estimate for an upcoming project.


Our company values are the foundation of everything we do. These guiding principles, along with our vision for the future, drive every member of our engineering, cleanroom design, and constructor team. DesignTek’s core values begin with integrity, quality, safety, collaboration, and commitment. Our staff is dedicated to providing comprehensive and efficient building engineering, cleanroom design, and construction, industrial plant design ventilation.

Our Vision for the Future Is Working for You
Our vision for the future pushes us to develop innovative techniques and approaches to design, engineering and construction tailored to your cleanroom, building engineering, and industrial plant ventilation and process design projects. We view our firm as solution providers in cleanrooms, building engineering and industrial plants ventilation and process design areas.

We create long-term partnerships with our clients, earning your trust the old-fashioned way every day, through consistency, quality, collaboration and workable solutions.

A True Commitment to Excellence and Integrity

The entire DesignTek Consulting team is passionate about our clients and providing solutions that meet their needs.

We also pledge to maintain a fully open and honest line of communication with you at all times. This proactive approach allows us to work for ― and with ― you, to identify the most effective solution.

Agile Solutions and Personal Attention

Our commitment to exceptional service involves personalized attention and customized designs for every client and every project.

Despite our growth over the years, we have maintained a corporate structure that allows us to stay flexible, responsive and agile. We are committed to giving you the attention and care that is required for your project.

We are a company of specialists, but our teams work together in perfect harmony every day. The ability to be cohesive and highly effective is equally strong in every employee, work team, department and specialist.

Every DesignTek Consulting Group team member you meet will demonstrate his or her dedication to our foundational values, embodying them in every way. You will appreciate the level of honesty, fairness, and professionalism we stand for.

Finally, our pledge to every client is listening to, understanding and embracing your goals and expectations. We will work to achieve your schedule and budget objectives, while keeping quality and safety at the forefront of our work.

Contact the DesignTek Consulting Group today, and let us demonstrate to you our sincere commitment to these key foundational values.

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