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DesignTek Consulting Group services our clients on a national level throughout the United States, from our Utah and California offices.

DesignTek Consulting Group provides expert cleanroom design and cleanroom construction company in Utah and surrounding states. 

In addition to being one of the nation’s leading cleanroom design firms, we also assist clients of all sizes and types with their architectural, mechanical, electrical and controls engineering, design and construction needs, for all arenas of cleanrooms ranging from semiconductor, electronics, pharmaceutical, laboratory, and research and development facilities. 

We are committed to providing a highly customized level of service, consistently delivering the exceptional value for which we have become known. Our industry-leading services have earned us strong reputation as Utah’s go-to cleanroom design and construction experts. 


Utah Cleanroom Design Consultant 

When your firm needs a cleanroom designer/engineer, it can be challenging to find a firm that has the in-depth knowledge and experience you deserve. 

Our extensive background in cleanroom construction, cleanroom engineering, and cleanroom design makes us the obvious choice for making your project a success. We assist clients across virtually every industry and sector, from pharmaceuticals and semiconductors to aerospace and beyond. 


When you select DesignTek as your cleanroom installer, you can rest assured that your project will receive the highest possible level of individualized attention throughout every phase of the process. 

Industrial Engineering Consultant in Utah 

We offer a full range of industrial cleanroom design and engineering services to meet your every need. 

Call on us when you need an industrial ventilation and process specialist. Our cleanroom engineering services are geared toward the delivery of practical solutions. From the design phase through turnover and beyond, our industrial services focus on providing value and reliability.  


Beyond our industrial engineering services, we have experienced design-build and construction management teams in place to meet your every need. We continue to support our clients’ ongoing needs after project completion, helping to keep your systems going strong. 

Utah Mechanical Engineering Consultant 

We offer a full range of mechanical services, including engineering and design for plumbing systems, piping, process utilities, HVAC, controls, DI water, and more. We are also experts in process design as well as LEED design and construction. 

In addition to mechanical engineering, we also provide expert electrical engineering services, including lighting design and power distribution systems.  

Talk to us about our cleanroom design-build services, which delivers you a turnkey project as quickly and affordably as possible. We partner with our design-build clients as early as possible in the project lifecycle, allowing us to deliver maximum value and quality. 


Whether you need the best mechanical engineer, industrial design firm or a highly experienced cleanroom designer and clean room contractor in Utah or any of the nearby states, you can place your trust in our hands. Contact us now to learn more about our company or to request a proposal for your upcoming project. 

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