Mechanical Engineering and HVAC’s Role in Cleanroom Design

In the cleanroom design process, mechanical engineering – especially HVAC-related considerations – plays a critical role in project outcomes. Whether your project’s purpose is industrial, semiconductors, medical or biotechnical, effective design and engineering are the keys to achieving proper air flow distribution and air quality suitable for the operation of cleanrooms. In addition, it allows you to maximize efficiency, reduce energy consumption, increase yield, improve employee c

3 Industrial Design Trends to Watch Now

Industrial design naturally adapts to the ever-changing needs of the marketplace and those companies that require facility design and retrofits to keep pace. Today, several intriguing trends are driving the way industrial designers approach their work. Without a doubt, these trends ultimately will affect every sector of the industry. Trend 1: Renewed Regard for the Environment A recent announcement from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, in conjunction with the University of Lee

Optimizing Building Automation Systems

Building automation systems offer an invaluable means of controlling your facility’s environment, monitoring and controlling critical systems and alerting key personnel of any impending problems. Technological advances have improved the capabilities of controls systems significantly. However, if your goal is improving the efficiency of your operation, system design is the key to making it happen. The Smart Facility Comes of Age When the building automation industry got into full swing

Design-Build Is Better, Faster and More Cost-Effective

The design-build method of commercial or industrial construction offers an attractive alternative to the traditional design-bid-build approach. The Design-Build Institute of America defines the design-build process as a system of contracting whereby one entity performs both engineering and construction services under one single contract. The benefits to the client include the potential for a lower final project cost, an expedited schedule and a significant reduction of risk. It is poss

Innovations in Cleanroom Technology

If a cleanroom is a part of your business model, you understand the importance of using today’s most progressive and proven technologies. Not only does your cleanroom need to be built to exacting standard, but it must also be periodically updated to the most current standards, leveraging the most efficient processes and equipment that technology can offer. Otherwise, your business is likely to be less productive, and less productivity means compromised quality through possible contam