Cleanroom Design & Construction

Cleanroom design and construction is an engineering-driven process, dependent on innovative solutions and value creation from start to finish.

Our expertise and experience provide us with the ability to coordinate your project’s design and construction every step of the way. Our dedicated team of engineers, project managers, designers and qualified technicians ensure your cleanroom project’s final outcome meets your every goal.

At DesignTek Consulting Group, we partner with industry leaders around the world to provide turnkey cleanroom construction projects. Industrial, semiconductor, pharmaceutical, electronics and aerospace are just a few of our specialties. Our ability to understand the key cleanroom construction elements and to maintain clean build protocol allows us to deliver an optimum end result. You get a well designed and constructed cleanroom, often with a higher classification than requested.

We have demonstrated time and again our ability to provide value and innovative solutions that keep our clients coming back. Whatever your needs, DesignTek Consulting Group is the industry leader you can trust to deliver superior results.

Our cleanroom philosophy is simple: We are committed to providing the systems and solutions that ensure your success.