The design-build approach is a highly effective method of turnkey project delivery that improves greatly upon the traditional construction paradigms.

The DesignTek Conuslting Group is dedicated to working closely with you from the inception of the project through all phases of design and construction to completion. Throughout the life of the project, we will keep you informed of project status, construction costs, and cost analysis. Our primary goal is to deliver the optimum end result in the shortest possible time frame, without affecting project integrity or diminishing objectives.

This approach not only simplifies the design and construction process, it offers many opportunities for reducing project cost and completion time. Design-build also improves overall project quality while reducing the opportunity for errors in the field, with a single source of responsibility.

The Design-Build Process Improves Communication and Reduces Errors

With the DesignTek team acting as the single source of responsibility, you enjoy the distinct advantage of working with one firm from the project’s conception through the warranty period and beyond.

This eliminates the delays, disputes and finger-pointing that can occur among many different trades under traditional design-and-bid contracting methods. More importantly, it provides the client with a single source of accountability.

At DesignTek, we work closely with our clients to keep your representatives involved throughout the process, to ensure that your project exceeds your expectations.

The Clear Benefits of an Integrated Design and Construction Team

In a typical construction arrangement, the builder doesn’t even see the construction drawings and specifications until they are completed and ready for the bid process. Any problems discovered later may require extensive redesign and project delays.

The DesignTek engineers and project managers are cross-trained in both the engineering and construction industries. Their experience and training allows them to identify and address any design or construction issues that may arise early in the design phase, and to mitigate and eliminate additional costs, and schedule impact and project safety.

The Design-Build Approach Is a Victory for Everyone

The design-build approach transforms the relationship among the client, engineers, designers, construction manager and subcontractors into a coalition that nurtures partnership, communication and collaboration.

When you choose DesignTek Consulting Group for your design-build services, you enjoy a project with expedited delivery, more favorable costs and fewer problems.

Our experienced engineers, designers and construction managers create a talented and innovative team. You can rest assured you will enjoy an exceptionally high-quality final product for the best possible price. Our integrated services also close warranty gaps for you, which can dramatically reduce litigation claims.

DesignTek recognizes, however, that these benefits aren’t exclusive to our clients. We advocate the design-build philosophy and practice because it benefits us as well. Not only does it allow us to offer our clients superior service at every stage of the project, but it also bolsters our commitment to value engineering.

We benefit from cost and schedule efficiencies as much as our clients.

At DesignTek, our approach to integrated project delivery is a simple one: We are a strong and unified team of experts, working together to provide superior service and results for our clients. When you sit at the same table with our engineers, builders and project managers, you appreciate the value we create for you.

This innovative approach paves the way for creative solutions, minimized costs and efficiency. We believe you’ll agree that it makes great sense.

Contact DesignTek Consulting Group today to learn more about how your project can benefit significantly from the design-build process.


Areas of Expertise:

  • Construction Supervision & Inspection
  • Material & Equipment Specificationsn & Evalutation
  • Material Procurement & Handling
  • Bid Document & Contract Preparation & Evaluation
  • Project Cost Control Estimates
  • Project Scheduling
  • Project Closeout Documents & As-Built Drawings
  • Safety & Training
  • Quality Control