Power Distribution

For any commercial or industrial facility, effective power distribution is critical for maximizing your energy efficiency. DesignTek’s electrical engineering services are dedicated to sustainable design and construction that ensure efficient and cost-effective operation.

The complex nature of power distribution systems requires an advanced application of forward-thinking technologies designed to meet your operational needs now and for decades to come.

Our engineers design distribution networks to maximize efficiency while reducing costs and minimizing downtime. We provide a comprehensive suite of services that includes the design and engineering of power distribution, lighting, fire alarm and process utilities, along with all associated systems and services.

At DesignTek, we are committed to your project’s success. As your partner in design, engineering, project management and construction management, we specialize in cleanrooms, industrial, commercial, research and development labratories, and manufacturing projects locally and throughout the United States. We provide expertise in new project design as well as retrofits, remodels and expansions.

Ultimately, when you count on the DesignTek Consulting Group for your project, you will find us to be an invaluable member of your team. Contact us today for all of your electrical engineering and power system design needs.