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EMC Services, Inc. is the legal entity that is authorized to perform mechanical and industrial construction services in the state of California. 

As a construction component of DesignTek Consulting Group, EMC Services is committed to providing our clients with professional engineering and construction management services for clean rooms and industrial projects throughout California. 

Design-Build & Construction Management

In addition to professional engineering and design services provided by DesignTek Consulting, EMC Services provides end-to-end professional construction and project management services, to assist our clients in bringing their projects to life.


We add an exceptional level of value creation to the construction management process. Our design-build and construction management methods of project delivery provide proven results, reducing costs and build time. Process engineering and cutting-edge project management principles ensure that your facility progresses smoothly from inception to turnover.


Since EMC Services is an arm of DesignTek Consulting, both entities provide you with access to our expert team of engineers and construction managers, assuring you of an excellent finished product. 

California Cleanroom Design & Construction

We specialize in cleanroom design, engineering and construction. We also provide a full range of building automation design and process engineering services.
To maximize client value, we achieve that delicate balance between your budget and production objectives and relevant compliance standards. We help you plan for the future by incorporating today's most advanced technology, designed around your long-term objectives.

Trust EMC Services Inc. and DesignTek Consulting for all of your electrical, mechanical and plumbing engineering needs, as well as industrial engineering, cleanroom construction management and design-build services in California. 

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