Industrial Engineering

Industrial Engineering

Today, responsive industrial design requires far more than an application of standards and best practices.

Designing industrial and manufacturing facilities requires experience, vision and a deep dedication to the client and project. That’s exactly what you’ll find with the DesignTek Consulting Group. Our expert teams ― from our engineers to our technicians to our construction managers ― are committed to designing facilities that exceed mere functionality.

We provide real-world solutions that improve your company’s efficiency and reduce operating costs.

Full-Service Industrial Design for Every Project

DesignTek specializes in industrial design services, including process utilities, scrubbed exhaust systems, ventilation and dust collection, compressed air systems, deionized water systems and wastewater treatment. We also offer mechanical and electrical engineering and a full range of comprehensive design-build and construction management services.

Our unique combination of expert professional services sets us apart from other engineering consultants. We bring an exceptional level of value to our clients, because we look beyond the constraints of the ordinary. Every industrial design project manage involves the discovery, exploration and development of unique solutions, for multifaceted operating systems as well as technically driven facilities.

Whether your project is large or small, built from the ground up or retrofit, our commitment to value engineering adds quantifiable benefits to the equation.

A Dedication to Efficient Industrial Design

We also focus on the economic processes that increase your facility’s operational efficiency while lowering project and maintenance costs. We know that a more efficient design means less waste and improved efficiency, and that translates directly to your organization’s bottom line.

DesignTek’s industry experts are uniquely qualified to provide insight into operational challenges and propose solutions you may not have considered. We can quickly evaluate the risks inherent in your processes and identify potential fixes, then endorse suitable redundancy systems as needed.

DesignTek Consulting Group is not in the business of simply building industrial facilities that function as they should. Our designs ensure that systems will continue to function even when the unforeseen occurs.

Our extensive experience allows us to anticipate all of the “what-ifs” and address them on the drawing board. This helps cut down on unexpected challenges in the construction process, reducing or eliminating field changes that can impact your schedule and budget. In other words, reliability is an integral part of our design process and commitment.

Let DesignTek Bring Your Vision to Life

Our engineering and construction management teams bring a profundity of resources, knowledge and experience to your industrial design and construction goals. We have the ability to balance design with functionality, but also with your schedule and budget objectives.

We pride ourselves on bringing economical, sustainable and technical industrial designs to life, for both your facilities and site infrastructure. We employ the most cutting-edge technology, best analytical practices and the industry’s leading tools to bring your vision to life.

As a company, DesignTek’s principal values are safety, integrity, quality and collaboration. With these values as a guide, we strive to identify your needs and involve you in every step of the industrial design and construction processes. We are constantly in search of innovative practices and processes that will make your facility function faster, cleaner and more efficiently.

When you choose DesignTek, you choose a committed partner for ensuring your project’s success. Contact us today to learn more about our team and our long history of industrial design project success.

Areas of expertise:

  • Feasibility Studies
  • Dust Collection System
  • Waste water treatment
  • Plant ventilation systems
  • Process utilities
  • Steam generated plant & boiler feed water system
  • Process cooling water system
  • Scrubbed exhaust system
  • Reverse Osmosis/Deionization water systems
  • Tank Farms