Industrial Process Utilities

When effectively designed, your facility’s process utilities can mean the difference between saving money and watching your hard-earned profits go down the drain ― literally.

The utility systems in any industrial, manufacturing, labratory or cleanroom facility directly affect operating costs, downtime and throughput. This means that effective design will remain one of the most important aspects of future operations.

The engineers at DesignTek Consulting Group constantly strive to deliver process engineering and designs that you can rely on, that can be easily maintained and ― when the time comes ― that can be expanded.

We seek to understand your needs first, then we offer our expertise and advice on the most efficient development and design for your plant’s utilities.

We offer design options for consumption reduction that, when combined with our core mission of developing efficient and reliable products, guarantee that you benefit from practical, sustainable solutions.

Contact DesignTek Consulting Group today to learn more about our full scope of design, engineering and construction management services, including process utilities and industrial design.


Areas of expertise:

  • Process Gas Systems
  • Medical Gas Systems
  • Compressed Air
  • Clean Dry Air Systems
  • De-Ionized Water Systems
  • Process Cooling Water Systems
  • Process Vacuum Systems
  • Waste Water Systems
  • Power Distribution
  • High Purity Piping Systems
  • Toxic Gas Delivery