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Cleanroom Construction Costs and User Process Requirements

Cleanroom construction costs are inherently higher than most other types of industrial facilities, due to the complex nature of creating an ultra-pure and temperature-controlled environment.

Cleanroom Construction

Unfortunately, some organizations pay more than they need to for their cleanroom construction. This happens most often because of over-design and over-engineering, or reliance on design templates and standardized unit costs.

DesignTek Consulting Group is committed to delivering the highest-quality facility engineering, design and construction with a reasonable pricing structure. To that end, we take a unique approach to evaluating the process requirements of our cleanroom clients.

Understanding the Client’s Cleanroom Process Requirements In most commercial construction scenarios, the result is a static structure with no moving parts or pieces. Certainly, specific portions of the facility may be designed or engineered for specific purposes. However, the concept of process — especially the highly complex processes that take place in a cleanroom — require an additional dimension of design consideration.

Because every client’s processes are unique, designing every cleanroom with the same basic concepts defies logic. Only with a full understanding of the facility’s processes can a project design become truly optimized to the client’s needs.

Offsetting the Constraints of Cleanroom Construction and Design A common source of these challenges originates in the competitive nature of today’s global marketplace. Time is money to cleanroom construction clients, and if they are requesting competitive bids from a variety of construction managers, little room exists for innovation.

This is where the template trap becomes detrimental to the client.

Once a contract is awarded, the pressure to meet scheduling milestones increases tenfold, and ultimately, little or no thought is given to improving the project’s value or reducing its costs.

Effective Construction Management Ensures Achievement Even when cleanroom design and engineering are tailored specifically to meet the process needs of the client, poor management during the construction phase can offset any value that was created in the design phase. Proactive, professional cleanroom construction management is an effective way to overcome the potential for problems in the field, which can bring the project to a halt until a resolution is found.

The design-build approach to cleanroom construction is perhaps the most effective way to overcome the challenges inherent in the industry as well as the process. By selecting a design-build contractor, the end user’s processes can be carefully analyzed and reflected in both design and engineering strategies.

A seamless transition into the construction phase and a single point of contact — and accountability — provides an exceptional level of value for the client.

DesignTek Consulting Group LLC provides a cradle-to-grave set of professional services that include cleanroom and industrial design, mechanical engineering and design-build construction management. Contact us today to learn more about our strategies for value creation in cleanroom construction.


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