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Is Your Cleanroom Clean Enough?

Cleanrooms are required to meet specific standards for their industry to ensure best practices for manufacturing. Sometimes the cleanroom you are using does not meet the requirements. This can cause many issues in your business and be a

Cleanroom ventilation

costly issue to handle. Most of these guidelines are set up through the ISO standards for manufacturing that regulate various aspects of your cleanroom.

Air Filters: The type of filters you use in your cleanroom can affect how efficiently your room can filter particles that are in the air as it enters or exits the room. Industries require the micrometers of allowed particles below a certain point so anything that gets through the filter will not affect the processes that are occurring in the cleanroom. Exchange Rates: Air Exchange is another standard that must be met via ISO standards. This is the time it takes to replace a certain percentage of the air in your cleanroom in an effort to make sure you can keep the particulate sizes in control as well as make sure to efficiently get contaminants out of the room before they build up and cause other challenges.

Temperature Control: The temperature in your cleanroom can be a problem as production ramps up inside the room. When you add employees in to the room in conjunction with the heat given off from electronic equipment the temperature can exceed the standards limits of your proper operating procedure which can adversely affect the processes used in the room.

Sometimes the heat itself may cause chemical or biological items have a different results than what you need it to do. Not to mention if your employees are warm it can cause them to sweat and increase humidity in the room as well as possible contaminations.

In order to make sure your cleanroom is going to perform properly and stay within the guidelines and standards of your industry you will want to work with a company that understand these standards and has built cleanrooms before.

With DesignTek, our engineers have tremendous experience and training that allow them to not only design your cleanroom to the proper specifications but also ensure the construction of your cleanroom will meet those standards. It is never easier to make sure you are not losing money in production due to cleanroom problems! We do it right the first time.


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