Design-Build Cleanroom Delivery Minimizes Change Orders

The design-build (DB) approach to cleanroom construction and delivery provides a variety of advantages, including the ability to minimize construction change orders and their negative effects, and to fast-track project deadlines. In most aspects of life, change is a positive factor. In the design, engineering and construction realm, however, change can mean lost time and cost overruns. If you select a design-build contractor for your cleanroom or industrial construction project, you can expec

Emerging Plumbing Design & Engineering Topics for 2017

Plumbing design and engineering professionals face a variety of emerging challenges in the coming year. The unique demands of industrial facilities, manufacturing plants and cleanrooms present an ever-growing need to develop adaptive solutions that meet the needs of stakeholders. For 2017 and beyond, the DesignTek Engineering team has identified three emerging plumbing design trends that will significantly affect the future success of our industry. Plumbing Design Inspired by Biospheric

Anticipate Cleanroom Construction Challenges to Avoid Setbacks

Today’s approach to cleanroom construction requires higher standards than ever. The rapid technological advancements of nanotechnology, life sciences, electronics and the aerospace industry mean standards are becoming increasingly more stringent. The growing complexity of cleanroom design and construction is exacerbated by the need for sustainable buildings and quick deliveries. Who Is Responsible for Anticipating Cleanroom Construction Challenges? In today’s highly complex cleanroo

Cleanroom Design Using the Whole-Building Approach

The most effective cleanroom design goes far beyond engineering multiple, discrete systems. The imperative to engineer sustainable facilities grows more pressing with each passing year. Not only does sustainable design protect the environment; it provides significant operating cost reductions and helps prevent functional obsolescence. Adopting the whole-building approach is one of the most effective tools we have today to engineer and design cleanrooms and industrial facilities that will b

Industrial Design for a Truly Secure Facility

Today’s industrial design and engineering principles require a much greater focus on safety and security than was required in the past. Incorporating effective security measures requires protecting the client’s interests as well as the community’s well-being. Our approach to this critical aspect of industrial and cleanroom design involves a multidisciplinary risk assessment and the involvement of all relevant stakeholders. Security: The Most Pressing Industrial Design Imperative