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Construction Management Strategies to Fast-Track Your Project

Professional construction management services provide added value that makes a big difference in your bottom line.

Construction Management Strategies

Although the phrase might seem to indicate little more than coordination of trade contractors, the construction management process involves a variety of complex strategies and methods.

By using the services of a professional construction management firm, you can expect to:

  • Save capital costs through value engineering,

  • Face reduced legal risks and liability through single-point project management, and

  • Experience fewer delays in the project schedule.

Your professional construction management team uses three key strategies to tighten your project schedule and fast-track completion.

Centralize and Control all Stakeholder Communication

From beginning to end, the construction management team acts as your proxy, communicating as your representative.

This allows us to control the communication cycle and respond promptly to those stakeholders and issues that require immediate attention. It also ensures that no important messages or issues are missed or delayed in the process.

Not only does this help expedite the project schedule, but it minimizes the time that you and your team must devote to answering questions. We can bring urgent issues to you in our daily huddle; those that are less pressing can wait until our weekly project meeting.

The construction management team is your single point of contact as well. Consequently, you will be spared the endless questions, emails and phone calls from architects, engineers, designers and contractors, and the delays that inevitably result from them.

Prevent Disputes

In the traditional general contracting model of project development, you work directly and individually with design team members and contractors. When something goes wrong, finger-pointing and denial on every side leave you in the middle, trying to sort out and resolve the dispute.

With the construction management model, you have a team of experts involved in every aspect of the project. This allows us to identify any potential area ahead of time that could become a problem later, and correct them before it reaches the conflict stage.

Disputes can bring the project to a halt for days, weeks or even months in some cases. By preventing them before they arise, we can compress the schedule even further.

Eliminate Time-Consuming Contingencies and Allowances

Contingencies are the bane of the construction schedule as well as the project’s budget.

Sometimes trade contractors are unable (or unwilling) to provide a specific bid for some aspect of the project. This can occur as the result of incomplete construction plans or specifications, or because of a conflict between the documents and site conditions.

Later, we may learn that the contractor is unable to do the work or has provided an unacceptable cost estimate. Resolving these disputes requires time and potentially revision of the construction drawings. Ultimately, cost also may increase.

When you use a construction management approach, these issues can be resolved early in the process, before they impact the schedule or the budget.

DesignTek Consulting Group provides mechanical engineering, industrial design and cleanroom design and construction services in Utah and throughout the United States. Trust our knowledge and expertise to improve both schedule and cost outcomes for your next project using our time-tested construction management approach.


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