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Upgrade Pharmaceutical Facilities and Slash Operating Costs

Even though the outlay for upgrading pharmaceutical facilities can be significant, the cost savings resulting from more efficient processes is striking.

In the United States, the pharmaceutical industry consumes nearly $1 billion in energy every year, according to the Berkeley National Laboratory, and that figure is on the rise. In addition to cutting energy costs, upgrading helps reduce other operating costs significantly as well.

Your facility may have been designed and built with the latest technology, but it is important to understand that technology changes rapidly. Retrofitting or upgrading your facility can increase efficiency, decrease costs and have a significant impact on your bottom line.


HVAC System Retrofits

One of the largest energy hogs in most facilities is the heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems. Fortunately, this is also a category that offers big opportunities for cutting energy use and reducing annual operational costs.

Not all HVAC upgrade projects are equal, however. You can change out a few components or do a complete system replacement, but your plans may depend on a few factors, including:

  • Type and size HVAC equipment your facility currently uses

  • Cost of replacement

  • Cost of downtime and lost production during renovation

Naturally, HVAC retrofit projects can pose challenges throughout the construction process, but with the right engineering and construction management team in place, those disruptions can be kept to an absolute minimum.

Ultimately, with value engineering and cost containment in mind, any inconvenience associated with the project will be quickly offset by future cost savings and your facility’s improved air quality.

Lighting System Upgrades

If your facility is in need of a lighting upgrade, you may be spending up to 25 percent more on electricity each year than you need to, depending on the age and condition of your existing system.

The detrimental effects of an outdated lighting system go beyond excessive energy costs, however.

Upgrading your existing lighting can reduce maintenance costs as well as improve your workers’ productivity. In fact, employees will work faster and more efficiently in an improved lighting environment, by up to 25 percent.

Costly production errors are also more frequent in facilities with poorly designed or obsolete lighting.

Better Products

For most pharmaceuticals manufacturers, labor is one of the largest expenses overall. Consequently, fewer errors and higher productivity can make a significant difference, even over the course of a single year.

Ultimately, inefficient facilities put you at a disadvantage with your competitors.

Contact DesignTek Consulting Group today for an energy audit and comprehensive review of your facility. As a leading engineering, consulting and construction management firm, we have the experience and expertise to design and engineer pharmaceutical cleanrooms and industrial facilities that will put you ahead of the competition.

Call DesignTek Consulting Group to learn more about our proven methods of upgrading pharmaceutical facilities.


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