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Value Engineering for Quality Improvement

Value engineering serves a number of critical purposes in commercial and industrial design and construction. Cost control, both upfront and over time, is the most commonly regarded benefit of value engineering (VE). But while VE principles and practices can save both cost and time in the construction process, this is also a highly effective way to improve all-around quality for your organization.

Value Engineering

Understanding the Value Engineering Philosophy

General Electric developed the concept of value engineering during World War II, in response to widespread shortages in materials and skilled labor. In its simplest form, VE proposes substituting design elements and materials to reduce costs, increase value or both.

Although VE is an essential philosophy of the DesignTek team, it is also a quantifiable set of scientific principles and systematic processes that can be measured and tracked.

In the fields of industrial design and engineering, as well as construction and project management, we have the opportunity to apply VE principles to performance and processes as well as materials. So not only can we offer quality improvement options relative to building specifications; we can also evaluate your operational processes and principles to improve quality in your product lifecycle and outputs

Value Engineering to Improve the Quality of Your Facility

For many of our clients, cutting construction costs and trimming schedules are less important than maximizing quality.

In the application of VE principles, however, the process is much the same on our side. Our experienced design team conducts extensive and ongoing value analysis to identify inefficiencies, redundancies and potential errors or conflicts.

By making modifications to design and specifications, we provide opportunities for budget reallocation. This provides our clients with a host of options for reinvesting these potential savings in higher-quality materials and equipment of their choosing.

Improve Production Quality with VE Principles

To improve the quality of production output, VE efforts focus on making the client’s processes more effective and less costly.

In the design and construction of industrial and manufacturing environments, and especially in cleanrooms, the VE process is focused within-walls. In other words, we zero in on the areas that can be controlled internally.

By using VE principles in your facility design, we can help you improve operational performance, reduce your per-piece and total production costs, improve yields and avoid future costs. In many cases, we may be able to help you reduce production time as well as time to market.

Exceptional design and a sharp focus on improving value are the benefits that DesignTek Consulting Group LLC offers our clients. We provide mechanical engineering, industrial design, construction management and design-build services. From your project’s inception through final completion, our talented team can help you improve quality and save money and time with value engineering.


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