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Electrical Engineering and Energy Efficiency

Electrical engineering focuses on the optimal design of electrical systems, delivery and distribution.

Although this discipline has been around since the discovery of electricity, its practice has undergone many changes. Today, commercial and industrial electrical engineers incorporate principles of energy engineering into the equation as well.

Electrical Engineering versus Energy Engineering

Electrical Engineering

Energy engineers, in the most literal sense of the discipline, deal with energy systems, services and efficiency for power production and distribution.

Even if your industry does not focus exclusively on power generation, your facilities rely on these concepts and processes. And with the growing options of alternative energy generation available today, many of DesignTek’s clients produce some of their own power.

The Growing Imperative of Industrial Energy Efficiency

In today’s energy-conscious world, every construction project design and engineering team must focus on finding ways to reduce power consumption.

Today, your project must meet strict standards of energy efficiency to comply with code and be eligible for building permits.

These standards affect material specifications, electrical engineering, plumbing and mechanical systems. Electrical systems contribute significantly to this improved efficiency. Everything from lighting fixtures to motors and drives must meet or exceed federal standards.

The Energy Efficiency Benefits that Matter Most to You

Reducing energy consumption and waste decreases harmful greenhouse gas emissions, protecting the environment from further degradation. This imperative lies at the heart of restrictive codes and standards.

When you’re committed to the environmental imperatives of improving energy efficiency, both for compliance and ecological reasons, your organization benefits in other ways too.

Meeting or exceeding federal standards may qualify you for a variety of financial incentives, including rebates and tax credits. These incentives can offset the costs of your project as well as future operating costs. And most important, your ongoing power costs are significantly reduced through electrical engineering for energy efficiency.

DesignTek Consulting Group LLC is committed to providing innovative and practical solutions to improve outcomes for our clients. Our talented team of experienced engineers and construction managers understands that our success relies on your success. We offer a full range of industrial, commercial and cleanroom design and engineering, design-build and construction management services.

Contact us today to learn more about how we can improve your bottom line with energy-efficient electrical engineering.


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