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Modular Vs Traditional Design of a Cleanroom

At some point in the early planning of a cleanroom design you will need to consider the type of cleanroom construction you want to use. While there are several ways to construct a cleanroom, the two main types of construction considered in this article are: Modular vs Conventional Construction.

Modular Cleanroom

Conventional construction consists of building materials that are commonly used in most construction projects like metal stud framing, c-channel, I-beams and structural posts in conjunction with gypsum board or cleanroom wall panels with cleanroom ceiling grid systems. Today with supply chain issues and demand for these materials rising, lead time to acquire the material for construction plays an ever important role in planning out your cleanroom.

Conventional methods tend to have a shorter lead time compared with modular construction but does not offer the shorter tax depreciation like Modular does. Consult with your Tax advisor on this matter.

Modular construction consists of pre-manufactured wall panels, studs and celling panels which are then shipped to the construction site and to be assembled together to create the cleanroom envelope. The assembly time in the field is much shorter with modular vs conventional construction.

Lead times are usually longer than that Conventional construction.

If you want to have the ability to expand your cleanroom in the future Modular construction does make more sense and with less interference with your current cleanroom.

Traditional Cleanroom Design

If you have a current cleanroom that needs to be expanded or updated it is important to understand the type of construction method it was built with and factor that in to the current needs that need to be met and decide what type of method will be best to use for the upgrade.

Other factors that will need to be evaluated to help in deciding which construction type is best to use are, your budget and the Lead time you need to meet your construction deadline.

Our team at DesignTek can easily help with answering these and many more questions to make sure your cleanroom design and construction is headed in the right direction!


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