Electrical Engineering and Energy Efficiency

Electrical engineering focuses on the optimal design of electrical systems, delivery and distribution. Although this discipline has been around since the discovery of electricity, its practice has undergone many changes. Today, commercial and industrial electrical engineers incorporate principles of energy engineering into the equation as well. Electrical Engineering versus Energy Engineering Energy engineers, in the most literal sense of the discipline, deal with energy systems, serv

Value Engineering for Quality Improvement

Value engineering serves a number of critical purposes in commercial and industrial design and construction. Cost control, both upfront and over time, is the most commonly regarded benefit of value engineering (VE). But while VE principles and practices can save both cost and time in the construction process, this is also a highly effective way to improve all-around quality for your organization. Understanding the Value Engineering Philosophy General Electric developed the concept of va

Plumbing Design Trends to Help Cut Industrial Operating Costs

Plumbing design is rarely considered to be one of the most important facets of industrial design and engineering. Mechanical and electrical systems and building controls usually take precedence. However, some relatively new trends in industrial plumbing design and engineering are about to change the way we look at plumbing systems. Not only can we improve operational and process controls, but we can help the end user significantly reduce operating costs. The Most Efficient Plumbing Desig

Cleanroom Construction Costs and User Process Requirements

Cleanroom construction costs are inherently higher than most other types of industrial facilities, due to the complex nature of creating an ultra-pure and temperature-controlled environment.   Unfortunately, some organizations pay more than they need to for their cleanroom construction. This happens most often because of over-design and over-engineering, or reliance on design templates and standardized unit costs. DesignTek Consulting Group is committed to delivering the highes

Construction Management Strategies to Fast-Track Your Project

Professional construction management services provide added value that makes a big difference in your bottom line. Although the phrase might seem to indicate little more than coordination of trade contractors, the construction management process involves a variety of complex strategies and methods. By using the services of a professional construction management firm, you can expect to: Save capital costs through value engineering, Face reduced legal risks and liability through